Vornado VH200 Space Heater vs. Vornado MVH Vortex Heater

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Most nights, you will find yourself chilly with frozen toes. The first thing you will look for is a heater. It not only gives you warmth but also does it fast. Electric heaters can give you adequate heat to get rid of the chill atmosphere and keep you warm in a couple of minutes.

There is a wide range of heaters with different sizes, prices, and more. Vornado is among the leading producers of quality electric heaters.

In our search for the best from the brand, we found two of their top models, the Vornado VH200 space heater and the Vornado MVH vortex heater. We prepared this brief Vornado MVH vs. VH200 comparison to help you figure out how they differ from each other. Let’s get to it.

Vornado VH200 Space Heater Overview

You can easily save more on energy costs with the VH200. It is a room heater that features temperature control functionality. By simply turning the dial on the heater, you can adjust the temperature of the heat as you’d like.

The brand’s heat circulation will then distribute that warm air throughout the house or room. The typical heater will give out a lot of heat closer to them. However, this model will give out a steady level of heat in the entire room. That keeps you comfortable and warm. It is also quiet and has safety features to ensure no accidents happen.

Vornado MVH Vortex Heater Overview

You can use the MVH heater in small or medium rooms. Its settings are very easy to understand and use. It features some of the basic features that you need to know. It features three settings. The lowest setting will use up less power, around 750 watts. The highest one will consume around 1500 watts. The heater heats around 180 square ft.

We loved its design. It has some basic controls but it works magic.

But that’s not all. It has an external casing that stays cool coupled with an auto shut-off feature. The handles make it easier to maneuver around.

Vornado MVH vs. VH200 Comparison

ModelVornado VH200Vornado MVH
Setting3 Settings3 Settings
Wattage1500 Watts1500 Watts
Tip-Over SafetyYesYes

The first thing we should state is that they are great heaters, especially if you will spend around $55. Neither of them will disappoint.

When we tested the VH200 in-depth, we found that it will function well enough to get you through the cold season.

The MVH vortex was also reliable. It works well in small rooms. The truth is, either of the two will give you the amount of functionality you would require from an electric heater.

You do not necessarily require any skill to operate them, and apart from the price, as seen on the table, there’s not much difference between the two.


If you are looking for a functional, affordable, effective, and safe electric heater, these two will get you what you need. Even as you look at them, you will realize that they are similar. Any model you choose between the two will give you what you need.

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