ARRIS SB8200 vs. CM8200 Modem – A Detailed Comparison

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The ARRIS CM8200 and the ARRIS SB8200 are among the top modems running DOCSIS 3.1. These two are among the modems that have been able to conquer networking marketing. In the current age, these modems are a must-have if you want a reliable and effective internet connection.

Now, is ARRIS CM8200 the same as SB8200? Well, these two have almost the same features. They can be used in place of each other. Regardless, there are certain differences, including size and appearance.

Our post today features a CM8200 vs. SB8200 comparison. In the post, we will be looking at the differences, as well as some of the similarities between the two. Read on for a detailed comparison.

A Quick Overview

ARRIS CM8200 Overview


First, this model features switchable DS and US filters that give you more flexibility. You will also have a tuner that gives you full bandwidth capture. A spectrum analysis is also included.

But wait, there’s more. BSoD is usable with a variety of L2VPN and Y.1731 messages for certain OAM requirements. The CM8200 also offers a 32 x 8 channel bonding going up to around 2.5GBps of data in the downstream and upstream.

For MSO customers, there are two Gigabit Ethernet connections. That provides better data service. It is a data service platform that allows you to enjoy mobile services.



If you have plans that go to around 2 Gbps. For you to achieve that level of speed, however, you will require a secondary IP address from your internet provider.

It is necessary to have an internet cable to access the internet. Additionally, it does not support Wi-Fi or cable digital voice, two of the most important features.

There are also 2 1-Gbps Ethernet ports included.

The Differences

We can now see, from this simple overview that there is a bit of a CM8200 vs. SB8200 difference. Here’s a table that summarizes the differences that you should know about.

CM8200 vs. SB8200CM8200SB8200
Internet Speed2 GBPS2 GBPS
Ports2 Ethernet Ports2 Ethernet Ports
Technology IncludedDOCSIS 3.1, 32 x 8 Channel bonding, OFDM 2 x 2DOCSIS 3.1, 32 x 8 Channel bonding, OFDM 2 x 2
Wi-Fi CapabilitiesNoNo
Weight1.46 Pounds1.46 Pounds

One thing you should know is that these two are fairly identical. However, there is a difference in a couple of physical aspects. But to give you a clearer look, here is a breakdown of these differences.

1. Comcast Exception

If you are a Comcast user, you should notice that in certain instances, Comcast does not accept the installation of the CM8200 in the user’s account. This is quite an unfortunate thing. However, there is a way around this. You can put the information exchanged with the ARRIS SB8200 model. There are chances you could get caught, but you should choose the SB8200 to avoid any issues.

2. Hardware and Packaging

These two are very similar to each other regarding the hardware you get. Even so, the CM8200 has a different type of packaging for business customers.

3. Modem Design

This is one of the features that are different between these two. Just by looking at their pictures, you can tell that there is a difference. However, the design does not affect the modem’s functionality. Therefore, when making a choice, we would recommend that you choose one that is appealing to your eyes.

4. Ports Size and Number

We have established that these two have a lot of similarities, which include the BCM3390 chipset, the DOCSIS 3.1 feature, LED lights, and more. However, regarding the size and number of ports you will get, there is a difference. There are chances that the sizes and the numbers might change. That is why we recommend that you check out the description before making a purchase.

5. The RAM Storage

It seems that the ARRIS SB8200 features better RAM. This is a feature that improves the operation of the modem. When you look at the description, you will find that the CM8200 does not have any sort of RAM. It is an aspect in which the SB8200 dominates.

6. Cost-Effectiveness

If what you are after is a cost-effective option, then you would have better chances with the CM8200. It is a cheaper alternative to the SB8200 model.

7. Functioning Speed

When it comes to the speed of functionality, then the SB8200 is a better option. This might be the reason why the SB8200 costs more than the CM8200.

8. Business and Resident-Based Uses

If you are looking for a modem to use at home, then the SB8200 would be a great choice. The reason for that is that it might get hot if used in excess. For residential use, this would be a great choice. The Cm8200 is not normally used for residential uses.

Which Modem is better?

The truth is, the DOCSIS 3.1 tech is top in the world. It has greatly improved Gigabit speed and made it normal for use in the modern world. That is why there isn’t much conflict when it comes to choosing between these two. You can barely go wrong with either.

You will also notice that there are a lot of similarities between the two types of modems. So, to answer the question, we believe that the better choice for you depends on your preferences. That includes the appearance, as well as the intended use. Regardless, we strongly believe that either will work as well as you would hope.


Is ARRIS CM8200 the same as SB8200? These two are almost similar, except for some small differences. We believe that either will give you good service. Check out the descriptions to ensure that what you are getting is what you need.

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