Where are Levi’s Jeans Made? Is it in the US?

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We have all come across Levi Strauss at some point in time. In fact, it is possible that we might have put on some of their jeans at some point in time. Well, we can all agree that Levi’s is an icon when it comes to jeans.

The company came to being in 1853 in San Francisco. The company’s headquarters, to this day, are in San Francisco. The popularity of these jeans began around 1920. But since then, are the jeans still made in the US?

We have done all the research and have prepared this post for you. So, where are Levi’s Jeans made? Here’s what you should know.

Are Levi’s made in Bangladesh?

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Well, Levi’s jeans are no longer made in the USA. Today, their jeans are made in other countries such as Egypt, Pakistan, Cambodia, as well as Bangladesh, among others. The company had some of its jeans made in the USA. However, production ceased.

The brand’s ‘Made in the USA’ page was taken down. Their 501 jeans, which were made in the USA, were taken down too. Now, their products are completely made overseas.

We do appreciate the fact that the brand is completely transparent about their products. When you check out their products, such as the 501 jeans, they are labeled as imported.


Which country makes the best Levi’s? The truth is, not all the brand’s products are made in the same country. In fact, there are several countries from which the brand’s products are made. These include Poland, Italy, Sri Lank, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Japan, Romania, as well as China.

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