Brother LB5000 vs. SE600 – In-Depth Comparison

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Everyone who owns a sewing machine knows that it is a serious investment. Purchasing a good machine will prove to be beneficial, especially since most of us will only get one machine. There is a wide range of sewing machines from different brands.

Brother is among the top brands to produce sewing machines. We have gone through a range of products and have decided to discuss two of their top products, the Se600 and the LB5000. Is Brother LB5000 better than Se600?

Our post aims to find this out. We have prepared a detailed Brother Lb5000 vs. Se600 comparison to help you make an informed choice. Let’s dive in!

Brother LB5000 Review

Brother LB5000

One of the top sewing machines is the LB5000. It sews and embroiders too. It is among the reasonably priced ways of getting embroidery.

When you check out the market, you will realize that there are a couple of models of the machine. However, they are only different in that they have various embroidery designs. LB5000s have Star Wars designs, while the LB5000 has Marvel designs.

When you look at the LB5000M, for instance, you will find it has Avenger character plates, a Marvel logo plate, and more. You can take them off if you do not want these characters on it.

But that’s not all. The machines have more than 70 built-in designs to help you create what you need. You can also import your designs in an included USB port.

The features do not end there. You will have a thread cutter, speed control, as well as a needle up/down.

Brother SE600 Review

Brother SE600

This machine also has amazing features for you to enjoy. It has embroidery space that will work for pocket designs and monogramming.

It has great quality embroidery and can handle thicker fabric, unlike the LB5000 models. You will also notice that it has some LED lighting and is quiet when operating.

Unfortunately, there are no embroidery designs found in this model. That means that there is no USB port for importing any designs.

Brother LB5000 vs. SE600

Brother LB5000 vs. SE600LB5000SE600
USB PortYesNo
Auto Thread CutterYesYes
LED LightingNoYes
Embroidery DesignsYesNo

There are a few differences you will notice between these two models. However, you should know that they are quite similar in more ways than one.

First, the LB5000 is based on themes. You can choose between Star Wars or Marvel themes for your sewing machine. There are designs based on these themes in the machine, even though you can still upload your own if you’d like. The SE600 does not have such provisions.

When you consider the features, look, and size, you will realize that they are very similar with the main difference being that one is themed. The SE600 also has LED lighting and is quieter than the LB5000.


The quality of your work depends on the machine you are using. These two are identical to each other. Based on your preference, you cannot go wrong. Choose the one that is most appealing to you and get started.

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