Is Pulse a Good Shower Brand? – The Naked Truth

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If you are doing some remodeling, you are probably considering Pulse shower systems. Understandably, you will have to check out the brand before you can make any decisions. We have all the information you need about the brand in this post.

Is Pulse a good shower brand? We have conducted extensive research and have prepared this detailed post to answer that question. This post is a detailed review of Pulse, as a brand. Take a look.

About Pulse ShowerSpas, Inc.

This is a brand that focuses on designing and selling functional, innovative, and affordable shower systems. It is among the top brands offering excellent pre-plumbed shower systems. Their systems are sold by many authorized dealers all over North America.

Where are Pulse Shower Systems Made?

First, the brand’s accessories and shower systems are designed in Watsonville, California. This is where the Headquarters is. Who makes Pulse shower systems? All sketches and 3D concepts are designed and approved by a dedicated team, after which they are sent to the brand’s factories.

These factories are in Mexico and China. Some specific units are assembled in America. All factories have sophisticated labs for testing, robotic assembly lines, and experienced engineers.

The brand aims to give you great shower systems and accessories to change your shower experience regarding functionality and aesthetics.

Is Pulse a Good Shower Brand?

Pulse shower brand

When you have a relaxing shower, you will enjoy a range of benefits. Without good shower system functionality, you will not enjoy your shower and there are chances that it will affect your overall well-being.

Well, Pulse has style and design that will give your bathroom a unique modern look. With a simple showerhead replacement, you will find that it changes a lot.

But that’s not all there is. Pulse gives you an oversized showerhead that has air fusion technology and is very easy to install. Additionally, they have a magnetic hand-shower holder.

As you can see, the shower systems provided by Pulse are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. But is it a good brand? We believe that you cannot go wrong with a Pulse shower system.


Go through the brand’s products and you will realize that your current shower system has something missing. We believe that the brand is worth it and you should consider purchasing a shower system from them.

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