Is Mendini a Good Clarinet Brand?

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You are wondering whether the Mendini clarinet is a good brand and whether it is the model that’s right for you. Well, in the current market, shopping for a clarinet can be a bit frustrating. The truth is, it is impossible to figure out whether it is the perfect brand for you.

However, we can discuss everything about it and help you determine whether you will give it a chance.

Our review will discuss everything you need to know including workmanship, price, as well as durability.

Let’s get right to it.

Review of the Mendini Clarinet Brand

Clarinet Mendini Brand Overview

These are the important aspects of the Mendini clarinet that you should know. First, where is Mendini made? Well, Mendini is a Cecilio instruments subsidiary.

They produce amazing instruments. These instruments are made in China, after which they are shipped to America for testing and distribution. 

1.  Durability

Durability is among the important aspects you need to know about. The device’s longevity is important. The quality of materials used will determine the durability.

So, what are Mendini clarinets made of? In regards to durability, the Mendini clarinet is okay.

The body is made with either plastic or wood. The wooden clarinets will produce a warmer sound, which is among the reasons why professional ones are made using wood.

As for the keys, the harder metal will cost more but will hold adjustments much better. The Mendini keys will be softer. That is not surprising considering the low price.

2. The Sound

For a beginner clarinet player, the sound is not a major concern. As you advance, the differences between sounds in models will have more meaning.

When you purchase a Mendini clarinet, do not expect the best sound like with other high-end clarinets. Even so, the sound of a Mendini clarinet is rich and clear.

We recommend, however, that you purchase a better mouthpiece setup since the other one can be a bit of a hindrance.

3. The Price

We love that these products are among the low-price models. You will easily find one for around $100. The truth is, the price is among the important aspects to consider. However, there are others that you might believe to be more important.

Is Mendini a Good Brand?


This is the question we hope to answer. Well, this question can be somewhat hard to answer. Being clarinet fans, we believe that every beginner should have a chance to play with ease. The question is whether Mendini can give you what you need.

The truth is, Mendini by Cecilio might not be the best of the best in the market. Regardless, you can see that the price of the brand’s products makes sense.

If what you want to do is figure out whether a clarinet is an instrument you would want to play, then this might just be the brand for you.

However, you should be ready to accept the fact that an upgrade will be required sooner or later. The Mendini’s clarinet’s durability, ease of playing, as well as sound, is good for that price.

In Conclusion

We believe that the Mendini clarinet has a lot of advantages. That includes durability, price, as well as sound. There’s also a 1-year warranty that will give you confidence in its quality. The brand will take responsibility for any problems that come with the instrument.

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