Who Makes Craftsman Generators? [Answered]

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When you are looking for a generator, there are certain things that you should consider. A generator should be functional, reliable, and durable too.

The brand behind a generator is responsible for its quality. Brand reputation should be among the considerations.

Craftsman generators have been around for a long time. While their generators are somewhat popular, you cannot help but wonder, who makes Craftsman generators? Are they worth it?

In this post, we discuss the making of Craftsman generators. We hope that you will be able to decide after you find out who and where Craftsman generators are made.

Let’s get to it;

Who Manufactures the Craftsman Generator?

Stanley Black & Decker Company is the manufacturer behind Craftsman generators. This brand started as a brand that was made by Sears. In March 2017, it was purchased by Stanley Black and Decker.

Now, Stanley Black and Decker is a manufacturer of different power products including power equipment and commercial generators.

Their generators make use of fully automated transfer switching, which is one of the reasons why their products are so popular and in demand.

Owners of Craftsman Generators

The Craftsman generators were originally owned by Sears. However, since Stanley Black & Decker purchased Sears in 2017, the generators have been owned by Stanley Black & Decker. There are many options to choose from.

Is Craftsman Made in China or still made in the USA?

As for the manufacturing of the generators, they are manufactured in a factory that is in Northern Fort Worth Texas. So, the manufacturing has not shifted to China as some platforms would have you believe.

Who Makes Craftsman Generators Engines?

The Craftsman generator engines are produced by Briggs & Stratton. This is among the leading power equipment producer, which includes generator engines.

Craftsman Lifetime Warranty          

One final thing you should love about the brand is that it features a full lifetime warranty. Should the product fail to perform for any reason, the brand will replace it for you. More than that, you will not need any proof of purchase for a replacement. Amazing, right?

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We can tell you for sure that Crafstman generators are great generators, if not the greatest. They can perform perfectly and have unique features that not only make it easier for you to work, but also ensure the environment is clean.

Their power output is higher than you would expect from their sizes.

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