Thermacell MR 300 vs. MR 450 – What’s the Difference?

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If you love the outdoors, you know that mosquitoes can make it uncomfortable. Not only that, but mosquitoes also threaten our health. Nobody likes mosquitoes. We can all agree on that. So, what do you do?

Before you go outdoors, one thing you will always consider is a mosquito repellant. Unfortunately, not all types of mosquito repellants are as effective as others. Introducing Thermacell MR 300 and MR 450.

What is the difference between Thermacell MR 300 and MR 450? Well, we have prepared this detailed post comparison to help explain how these two differ when put side by side. Let’s get started.

Thermacell – An Overview

Thermacell MR 300 vs. MR 450

Thermacell has dealt with the challenge of mosquito repellants that are efficient in doing their job. The products we will discuss in this post do not make use of design.

They allow everyone including hunters, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts to go outdoors without worrying about the discomfort caused by mosquitoes.

But that’s not all. These two models will give you lasting protection, more than half a day of complete protection. The only thing that is required is a fuel cartridge coupled with repellant mats. You will therefore get a solution that does not rely on sprays, candles, or even cords. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Thermacell mosquito repellents will create a protection zone of around 15 ft. That is adequate space to ensure that the nasty insects do not come anywhere close to you. You can even choose to use multiple repellants to increase the overall protection zone.

They are also powered by a fuel cartridge that works for around 12 hours. That allows them to emit a repellant that does not have any scent and repel any mosquitoes around you. The repellent mats will last around 4 hours before you need to replace them. You will also realize that they will change color whenever it is time to make a replacement.

So, how does it work? The system features three main components that make it possible for you to get a proper protection zone. It features a repellent mat, a cartridge, as well as a device that makes use of heat to activate the mosquito repellent.

There is a button in the housing that sparks the igniter. The igniter, in turn, will burn the butane and heat the pad. After a couple of minutes, the repellent will heat and the protection begins.

The protection will begin around 15 minutes after you start the repellent. The devices will work with all types of fuel refills or mats, including multi-insect repellents.

Difference between Thermacell MR 300 and MR 450

Now, the MR 300 and MR 450 are very similar to each other in certain aspects. Even so, we would like to look at how these two compare to each other in these aspects. But first, here is a table to give you an idea of how they differ.

Thermacell MR300 vs. MR450Thermacell MR450Thermacell MR300
Active IngredientTrans allethrinTrans allethrin
Power SourceFuel CartridgeFuel Cartridge
Protection one15 Ft.15 Ft.
Mat Refill Duration4 – 12 Hours4 – 12 Hours
Cartridge Duration12 Hrs.12 Hrs.
Zone CheckYesNo
DFFT FreeYesYes
Rubber ArmorYesYes

That’s an overall view of the differences. It’s time to get specific.

Fuel Duration and Performance

As mentioned before, both these models have a protection zone of around 15 ft. When you compare it to other types of mosquito repellants, it is very impressive. Additionally, these two will offer protection for around 12 hours. This is the time after which you will need to replace the fuel cartridges.

When you purchase either model, you will get a single fuel cartridge in the package. However, refills are available in packs of four.

The mats, which are heat activated, might differ in duration. While the original refills will only go for around 4 hours, other variants will go for around 12 hours. You can choose to have a certain earth-scented option, even though the duration is similar to the original.

Every purchase features 3 original mats, lasting 4 hours each. However, there are certain packs ranging from 3 to 75 mats in a pack.

When you compare Thermacell MR300 vs. MR450, you will realize that the MR450 model is quieter. That is thanks to the quieter ignition system that is featured in the MR450. If you are a hunter, this will be a helpful companion because it will not scare off the game each time you turn it on.

Finally, we loved that the MR450 features a rubber molding that gives it sturdiness like no other gadget. In case you drop your mosquito repellant, you can be sure that it will not break or stop working.

Technology and Design

Thermacell Technology and Design

These two models make use of a similar type of technology compared to other repellants. However, instead of using a very big device, this one is minimal and also portable, which is a great advantage for different reasons.

It is designed so that it can work while lying flat on any surface and not standing up. When you look at its design, it is similar to remote control or a flashlight. It features a wide area that is meant for the refill mats inserted under the vents. The handle also features the switch and the fuel cartridge.

When you compare these two, they have similar dimensions. However, the 450 is wider because it has an additional rubber case. This case is not only meant to keep it safe in case it drops, but also give you a better grip on the device.

You will also enjoy the one check coupled with a visual indicator that allows you to know if your protection zone is active or not.

The MR 300 has a wider range of choices regarding color. However, you only have two options for the MR 450 – gray and black.

What Customers Think


Do Thermacells actually work? Well, when you compare the ratings provided on different platforms for these two devices, you will realize that they are almost the same. One thing that people acknowledge is the effectiveness of these two in repelling mosquitoes and other bugs.

MR 300 and MR 450 have been found to work perfectly in outdoor activities. That includes camping, in gardens, hunting, as well as canoe trips.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will deer or other game smell it?

The first thing you need to know is that the Thermacell pads do not have a strong scent. There are, however, some that have an earthy scent. Even so, the scent that you will get from the repellent is minimal. It may be carried downwind. The earthy scent is meant to mask human odor.

If by any chance, deer, or other game can smell it, the chances are high that they can smell your odor too. Therefore, there would be no reason to worry about the game smelling your Thermacell.

  • Does Thermacell work?

It might be somewhat hard to believe that you can get that sort of protection without using all the other solutions we had, including scent. However, the truth is that it completely works. If you are close to any mosquitoes, try it out. You will surely love its effectiveness.

  • Is Thermacell TSA-approved?

Thermacell mosquito repellents are approved for carry-on and checked luggage by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). So next time you’re packing for a trip, be sure to include a Thermacell in your bags – it just might come in handy!

  • Can you refill a Thermacell fuel cartridge?

you can refill a Thermacell fuel cartridge. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to use the correct type of fuel. Thermacell recommends using only their proprietary butane cartridges. Second, make sure to follow all safety instructions when handling and storing the fuel.

Final Verdict

For most people, the MR300 is a perfect choice. However, if you like hunting and would prefer some quieter gadgets, then the MR 450 is the choice for you.

Even though this is a great option for outdoor fun, it is also a great choice for your house. The 300 and 450 models are great choices. When comparing them, you will find that they are very similar in regard to functionality.

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