Chinese Scooter Brands to Avoid

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China is among the leading producers and suppliers of scooters on the planet. The reason for their popularity is mainly affordability. But one question that bothers most of us is, should you buy a Chinese scooter?

The unfortunate truth is that most of the mass scooter manufacturers do not use high-quality materials for production. They might have some good-looking scooters, but some problems might soon develop.

Today, we are discussing some of the Chinese scooter brands to avoid. We will also discuss why you should not purchase from these brands and more. Stay tuned!

Brands to Avoid

Bad Chinese Scooter Brands

Certain problems lead to this list of manufacturers. Some of them do not have permits to make and sell their products. It makes it harder to identify the manufacturer, the components used in the scooters, and their quality and safety standards, among others.

This list should help prepare you before you make a purchase. Here are some of the worst Chinese scooter brands.


One of the worst scooter brands is Roketa. It has a very poor presentation as a website and you can tell that from its very ineffective website.

They have scooters that seem to break whenever a chance arises. Apart from not being durable, they are not fuel efficient either.

The parts used to make the scooters are not standardized and whenever the scooter breaks, you’ll find yourself stuck with an unfixable scooter.

Even though they have affordable scooters, their quality is very low. There are better options in the market.


One of the reasons why you might have heard about this scooter is its unreliability. It reflects why scooters from Jonway are cheap.

This scooter is not fuel efficient. What’s more, the chances of breaking down are higher than you would expect.

Even though this brand – which started in 2003 – makes crossovers and automobiles, we can safely say that their scooters are not worth your money.

We have to mention, however, that there are a few customers who have not complained about the brand’s scooters.


One of the main reasons why this brand is on our list is that it consumes fuel more than you would like. It is an unreliable scooter made with parts that are not standardized. Whenever you need repairs, you will have to have them done by the brand’s dealers.

We would recommend that you keep searching for a better option than ZNEN scooters.

Peace Sports

Awesome name, right? Unfortunately, the brand’s name does not reflect the scooter’s quality. Apart from consuming too much fuel, the scooters will break down and need a lot of repairs. But that’s not all. The scooter has a very weak engine that affects its safety.

This is among the Chinese scooter brands to avoid if you are looking for a safe option.

 Tao Tao

Several problems are associated with this scooter. They will break down in different ways once you purchase one. First, the engine is too weak for a scooter. Your safety is compromised more by the ineffective brakes on the scooter.

The parts are also not standardized, which will be a problem when you need repairs, and not to forget, the scooter guzzles up fuel more than expected from a scooter. To be honest, you should not expect the scooter to work for more than one or two years.


The Sunl scooters are popular because they are very affordable. But there’s a reason why they are so cheap. First, they will break down easily and because of the non-standardized parts, repairs will be a headache.

Even though you save when purchasing, expect to pay with the amount of fuel you use on the scooter.

Main Problems with Chinese Scooter Brands

Problems with Chinese Scooter Brands

Here are some of the main problems you should expect from the Chinese scooter brands above.

Being Anonymous

One of the things people consider when making a purchase is the brand behind the product. But with an anonymous brand, how would you get spare parts or even make a complaint? This is a major issue with Chinese scooter brands.

Quality Control

These are mass-produced scooters that do not have certain quality standards. They aim to sell at low costs, which means they spend even less time on a scooter.

There are different problems to expect such as unfinished connections, missing kits, batteries without acid, and more.


You should not expect to find a reliable scooter from the brands we have mentioned. You might find a good scooter from them, but that is a huge risk.

The chances of finding a bad one that will cause challenges are higher. Before you make a purchase, consider what other customers have experienced with the brand.


Are Chinese scooters good? The truth is, certain brands have been licensed and praised for their quality scooters. However, a larger number of brands produce scooters that have customers angry even before two years are over. Be careful about the brand you buy from.

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