Brands Similar to Sperry – Alternatives to Sperry Shoes

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You might have heard of Sperry before. It is a footwear brand that is popular for inventing the original boat shoes in the US. But as we all know, diversity is important. So, as would be expected, you might be trying to find brands similar to Sperry.

So, is there a more fashionable alternative to Sperry’s shoes?

We have done our research and have selected a list of brands similar to Sperry. Let’s take a look.


Vans Shoes

Vans is a great alternative. VF Corporation owns and operates this Sperry alternative. The brand is mainly popular because of their skateboarding shoes. You can choose to go for Vans as an alternative to Sperry. You will get a range of shoes with amazing designs. These include sneakers, casual clothes, and more for men, women, and kids.


You must have come across a pair of Timberland shoes at some point. It does not matter if you are looking for some slip-resistant shoes or something that will work perfectly for wet days. Whatever you need, Timberland will have what you need. That is why it serves as one of the top alternatives to Sperry.

VF Corporation owns and operates Timberland, just like Vans. You can get a range of shoes including toe work boots, chukkas, and rubber-soled boat shoes.

New Republic Edward

If you are a guy, looking for a shoe that is not very conventional, then the New Republics Edward style shoe is what you need. The shoe has navy leather, coupled with an off-white. There is a wider range of colors you can choose from to get the look you need.


Crocs are popular for two main aspects. That is the modern design, coupled with smart construction. These are the main elements that make the shoe a great alternative to Sperry. If you want shoes like Sperry women’s then these flat loafers and shoes might be what you need. But that’s not all. These shoes are also cheaper, which is an added advantage.

LL Bean

ll bean shoes

The main headquarters of this brand is based in Freeport, Maine, United States. It is true that Sperry is the original producer of Sperry shoes. However, you might need an alternative, such as duck boots. No company is better than LL Bean, the brand that invented them.


Our final choice is Keds, which is a Wolverine World brand. It is a great choice if you are in search of washable sneakers, as well as classic leather shoes. You will also get Canvas sneakers to choose from.


There is a wide range of shoes to choose from, all great alternatives to Sperry’s shoes. You should know, however, that you will have to choose from different prices to find what you need.

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