Is Clover Valley A Good Brand?

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The safety of the products you use at home is important. Most products in the market have come to question, mainly after certain information about the brand is released. For instance, where the products come from, and more.

You might have come across Clover Valley products. Clover Valley is among the most popular brands for producing food and other household products. But is Clover Valley a good brand?

This is a detailed guide that should help you determine if the performance and quality of Clover Valley products are worth it. Let’s jump right in.

Clover Valley

Clover Valley

Clover Valley is among the top brands for food products. It is a brand that initially started producing food products including milk, fruit juice, and more. It initially started in 1952. The founders were Fritz Wainwright Jr. together with his wife.

In 1987, the brand’s business was bought and taken over by Fred from his brothers and parents. He also bought the operation and dairy cows. The cows were then sold in the 2000s, even though they later started another herd.

Who Makes the Clover Valley Brand?

Clover Valley is a trademark of Dollar General Corporation. They produce almost every type of product you can think of from peanut butter to canned jelly, and much more.

Who Produces Clover Valley Milk?

The food products are produced by Aldi, a grocery store chain. It was introduced to the market around 2014 and has since grown to operate in more than 1600 stores in the US. You can find Clover Valley products in all these stores.

Most of the milk that is used in the US is from Northwest Territories and the Carolinas.

When Was Clover Valley Founded?

Clover Valley Farm was started in 1952. It was a dairy farm that only produced 100% Holstein milk. In 1987, however, it was purchased by Fred and he took over all the operations. He also purchased the dairy cows and operations.

Fred tried his best to operate and run the farm in the same way that his brothers and father did. He was dedicated to quality products and customer service, which is why it was able to run for more than 30 years.

Where is Clover Valley Milk From?

clover valley brand milk

There is no single source of milk and milk products produced by Clover Valley. The milk and milk products are from different dairy farms that are located in the US.

The source of the products in your closest store depends on the location of that store. The source of milk will vary based on the region.


The truth is, Clover Valley is a good product. The brand produces quality milk products. That includes whole milk, skim milk, 2% milk, as well as flavored milk. You can trust that the brand is dedicated to providing you with great quality products.

3 thoughts on “Is Clover Valley A Good Brand?”

  1. I find that while in general Clover Valley band is ok, it is sub par quality wise when compared to national brands, especially the milk, it just does not taste as good as other brands the dollar general stores used to carry before they replaced everything with clover valley!

  2. I would like to request that clover valley not put fructose of any kinds in Thier food’s. Not put dye’s, or weird sounding stuff and extra sugars. We don’t need to be eating that junk.

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