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The fashion industry has not always had good green credentials. Culture gets lost as new trends and hype grow. Fashion’s carbon footprint is expected to increase in the coming years. Fortunately, there is some hope.

In the market, you will find brands like Pangaia that are implementing certain changes and plans that ensure style is good for people and the planet alike. You can expect anything, as you will see in this post.

We have created a list of some brands similar to Pangaia in this regard. We hope to give you a range of brand options that have a sustainable style that does not affect the planet.

About Pangaia

Brands Similar to Pangaia

There are many environmental-friendly qualities that Pangaia can boast about. This initiative started around 2018 and has grown to produce a range of essentials such as track pants, tees, and hoodies.

All products are made using post-consumer and bio-based materials. For instance, their t-shirts are made using seaweed harvested from waters around Iceland. That’s not all. The harvesting only happens every four years to allow the seaweed to replenish fully.

The brand does not stop there. New tech is developed with the help of researchers and scientists and all products are created so you do not need to wash them daily. Finally, 1% of each purchase is donated to a non-profit organization, 5 Gyres, that empowers action against the global health crisis.

We also appreciate that the brand delivers worldwide.

So, where is Pangaia manufactured? Currently, all of the brand’s products are manufactured in Portugal. The reason is, the country has labor-law compliance, great quality, as well as several eco-certified factories.

Brands like Pangaia

As we have seen above, more brands are similar to Pangaia. This section highlights some of these cool brands.

The Reformation

This is another brand that focuses on flattering feminine silhouettes that are made in durable fabric. So, if that’s what you are after, then this brand might just be for you. It is an LA label that is focused on providing beautiful, femme vibes, which are mostly pretty dresses. But that’s not all, sustainable style is the main focus of each design and creation.

Since 2015, this brand has been carbon-neutral. The brand believes that everyone can do it. So much so that they reward you if you try. For example, if you switch to renewables, you are given a $160 store credit.


This is a label that is sort after. It features a range of oversized tees coupled with the 80s and 90s style hoodies and sweats. But this brand’s objective is completely amazing. All of their profits go to providing training, job opportunities, as well as clothing for the people affected by hardship or homelessness.

Their first repurposed line is REBORN. It is sustainability-minded and includes tees, blazers, sweaters, and much more. These are all made using excess materials and preloved garments. You will appreciate just how good their clothes are.

Girlfriend Collective

The brand is dedicated to providing a slow fashion that is guided by environmentally friendly and ethical manufacturing. While doing that, Girlfriend can provide luxurious on-point sets that are available in different sizes for different body shapes and sizes. The brand also flaunts it properly.

Girlfriend is proud of their eco-credentials. The fabrics are made using recycled nylon, ECONYL, cupro, and more recycled items.


This is another brand that is highly dedicated to products based on sustainability. The brand is highly focused on producing while respecting its environment. It started in the 1950s and has been an icon in the industry.

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Is Pangaia a cool brand? Pangaia’s line of clothing is made with great quality. Their line of clothes will remain in top condition, even after years. They also have unisex clothing that you will appreciate. Now, you do not have to restrict yourself to Pangaia. The brands above will give you products you would not believe.

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