Predator Generator 9000 vs. 8750 – A Detailed Comparison

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We make comparisons to help you make good decisions.

Finding a good generator can be challenging, especially since there are different brands in the market, each claiming to be the best. Have you heard of predator generators? Are they any good?

To be honest, predator generators are among the best in the market. They are great choices for your RV, workshop, or even your house. They are known to be powerful and reasonably priced. Predator also offers a wide range of models for you to choose from.

Here, we will be looking at two of their most popular models, the predator 9000 and 8750. What is the difference between Predator generator 9000 and 8750? Let’s compare these two.

About Predator Generators

Predator is one of the most reliable brands in the market. Time and again, the brand has proven to be reliable. Its generators feature Briggs and Stratton Engines, which are not only efficient but also durable. They are perfect for any purpose, whether professional or home use.

Their powerful single-fuel usage engines can easily produce up to 11,000 Watts. What’s more, they are quiet compared to other generators in the market.

That’s not all. The brand is popular because of its affordable prices. On average, their generators are around $500, which is a steal compared to the competition in the market.

Once you purchase a predator generator, you can be assured that you are getting a reliable and powerful generator that uses fuel efficiently. In most of their models, you will get multiple power outlets, low oil indicators, a shutdown feature, and electric starts.

Predator generators are not only easy to set up but also use. The models’ replacement parts are widely available and affordable. From the brand, you will find multiple quiet and portable generator models, which is one of the reasons why the brand is preferred by most customers. Simply check out the reviews that customers have given and you will understand just how satisfied customers are.

Since the brand has multiple models you can choose from, it might be somewhat challenging to find the one for you. Luckily, we have two models that are most likely to meet your requirements. Enter the predator generator 9000 and the 8750 models. Let’s check these two out.

Predator 8750 and 9000 Generators – A Quick Overview

Before we can compare these two generators, let’s check out a short review of each.

Predator 8750 – Is it any good?

Predator 8750

If you need a generator that will produce high wattage, then this is the perfect choice for you. There are several things that you will appreciate about the generator.

First, it has a 420 cc, 13 horsepower OHV engine that is air-cooled. Additionally, the fuel tank can carry 6.6 gallons. You can use the unit outdoors or indoors if you prefer. It can power your microwave, fans, power lights, ovens, and many more.

It also features an electric start to make it easier for you to operate. However, when that fails, the recoil should be sufficient.

It features six outlets coupled with two 240 volts plugs. That means that you can have an easier time using different electronics on it.

When it comes to cleaning, no professional cleaning is required. You can easily do that yourself, which makes it easier to maintain.

Generally, this is a quality product for heavy tasks. It is a product we would recommend for any tasks you have. It is true that it is a larger one and that it can be louder than other models but its power is simply amazing.


  • It is a powerful unit
  • The fuel tank is large
  • Runs for around 12 hours
  • It is a durable model


  • It can be noisier than most
  • It is big and heavier
  • No wheel kit is included, even though it is necessary.

Predator 9000 – Is it worth it?

Predator 9000

The predator 9000 is a great generator when you consider its efficiency, price, durability, tank capacity, engine power, and more.

It also features a 420 cc / 13 horsepower air-cooled gas engine. Its fuel tank will hold around 8 gallons. The engine has 9000 starting watts, coupled with 7250 running watts, which is adequate power for running multiple appliances.

Just like the 8750, you can use the electric start to run it or choose to pull it to start.

With 8 gallons of fuel and 50 % load, it should be able to run for close to 13 hours. Not much effort is needed to start it and it will not bother you much once you start it.

The modern simplified design is among the reasons why it is a favorite among customers. It features multiple outlets to make it easier for you to run multiple accessories.

Note: This unit can be loud, which would be a challenge if you need to use it in quiet places.


  • A large fuel tank
  • It can run for around 13 hours
  • It is powerful


  • It does not include a battery
  • No remote start included
  • It is heavy and does not have a wheel kit
  • It is a loud unit.

Now, the Comparison…


Now that we have taken a look at the individual reviews, let’s check out how they compare to each other. But first, a table to give you an overview of the difference.

Comparison of the ModelsPredator 8750Predator 9000
Engine420 cc OHV 4 Stroke420 cc OHV 4 Stroke
Starting Watts8,750 W9,000 W
Running Watts7,000 W7,000 W
Start SystemElectric, RecoilElectric, Recoil
Output (V)12 VDC, 120/250 VAC12 VDC, 120/250 VAC
Gas Tank Size6.6 Gallons8 Gallons
Operation time(At 50% Load)12 Hours13 Hours
Total Power Outlets1 DC, 6 AC, 1 GFCI1 DC, 6 AC, 1 GFCI
Low Oil IndicatorYesYes
Fuel GaugeYesYes
Weight183 Pounds194 Pounds
Noise76 dB76 dB
Gas Consumption0.55 Gallons/Hour0.62 Gallons/Hour

Power and Engine

Power and Engine

The similarities between these two begin with the engine. They both have a 13-horsepower (420cc) OHV engine. Even so, they differ in the fact that the 9000 model has more capacity in its tank.

The increase in fuel allows it to give you the 9,000 watts starting wattage and the 7,250 running wattage. Since the 8750 model carries less fuel (6.6 gallons), it is only able to give you a starting wattage of 8,750 and a running wattage of 7,000.

The fuel tank capacity is also the reason why the 8750 will give you 12 hours of service at 50% load while the 9000 model gives you 13 hours at 50% load. It is safe to assume that when you purchase the predator 9000, you will need more fuel. It has a consumption rate of 0.62 gallons each hour. That is more compared to the 8750 model which only consumes 0.55 gallons each hour.

We should also mention that you will get fuel gauges in both, making it possible for you to monitor the fuel consumption in each and identify the amount of fuel left. At the same time, you will get a low oil indicator as well as a low oil shutdown feature.


When put side to side, you will notice that the two models contain the same features and outlets.

On each generator’s control panel, you will get one 120 V twist lock outlet, four 120 V duplex outlets, a 120 DC outlet, as well as one 120 V/240 V twist lock outlet.

At the same time, you will enjoy overload protection coupled with spark arrestors. That ensures that the generators will not emit ignitable or combustible materials.

They are some safe generators for that reason.

Weight and Portability

It is essential to know how heavy a generator will be before you purchase it.

You can consider both generators portable. Regardless, they have certain differences. The 9000 weighs 194 lbs. while the 8750 weighs 183 lbs. Therefore, you can conclude that even though you can move them, it will not be as easy.

When you want to use the generators, you should probably place them under a shed where they will be covered. That way, they will not bother you with their emissions.

Luckily, even though they can be somewhat heavy, they are easily fitted in a wheel kit. It allows you to pull them around with ease.


You can start both using an electric starter. For backup, you have the recoil mechanism, which is quite effective. However, you should note that they are not fitted with batteries.

After you start the generators, they will produce a noise averaging 76 dB, comparable with traditional vacuum cleaners.

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We have now checked out the predator generator 9000 vs. 8750 comparisons. The 8750 will consume less fuel and will easily keep things running for an exceptional time.

You will also get more outlets. Even so, it is heavy but the 9000 model is not superior in that area either. We hope you find one of the two to be perfect for your needs.

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